Monday, June 14

How would you score the 2002 olympic winning programs using the new system?

I can go back one day and make a spreadsheet if you are really interested. I love doing those hypothetical situations (the "what if" it was IJS game), but there's also not a real way to score it equally. Some skaters were doing more than the current allowed jumping passes, some (most) were doing all level one elements because that's all they needed back then, etc. But it's still fun :-)

Quick thoughts.. I think that I would have Berezhnaya and Sikharulidze blowing Sale and Pelletier away in the short program, and that is a BIG difference compared to just being able to finish in the top 3 in 6.0 and, as Terry Gannon would always remind us, "control your own destiny" in the free skate. I still think the long program would have gone to B/S. If I scored S/P higher, it would probably not be enough to catch up from the short. At least that's what I think would happen!

Men.. I actually did score the top men in a game one of the skating forums had a few months ago. Yagudin obviously still won IMO, but I think that Plushenko was extremely lucky with his short program placement. Abt and especially Honda really had beauties of free skates in terms of what are now the components scores, while many of the other men probably wouldn't have faired as well. However Timothy Goebel, aside from skating skills, really had plenty of transitions and choreography in his free skate that I guess I neglected to recognize back in the day. I was surprised!

Dance.. who knows. Everything is so different now. Maybe Drobiazko/Vanagas would have been rewarded a little bit for not falling in the free dance :-)

Ladies... Hughes would have been way out of contention after the short program, probably skating in the next to last group (thinking off the top of my head-- Butyrskaya, Sebestyen, Suguri, Gusmeroli would have all been ahead of her I think. Robinson, Meier, Fontana all probably had a shot, too.) I'm sure all of Sarah's triples would have to be watched in replay to make sure they were rotated enough, and even at that point, she'd probably get negative GOE for most. Kwan probably would have gotten the downgrade on the triple flip in the short (and maybe even placed behind Cohen), and Slutskaya would have most likely ended up as the leader by a few points. Suguri would have ended up with the final group spot that Hughes really had, and I bet Fumie would have really challenged for a medal because she had a great free skate that season. Sebestyen had the skate of her life in the short program, and deep outside edge on the triple flip aside, I could see her even beating Butyrskaya in that portion. Anyways, I don't know who would have won overall, probably Slutskaya.

But as I said, as much as it's fun to think about all of it.. skating was completely different eight years ago!

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