Friday, June 4

I saw your blogg on Jamie Sales opinions on Johnny Weir. First of all who is she? I know she won a medal but I have never heard of her. So her contribution to FS couldn't have been that much. Who cares about her nasty opinion. I want to ask you why you do

She was co-gold medalist at the 2002 Olympic Games in pairs, and was the 2001 World Champion. She and David Pelletier came and went relatively quick as far as the competitive scene goes, but she does have those titles under her belt. And no, I'm not getting into the whole SLC scandal mess. It is what it is.

Her opinion is just as much valid as mine, and she was the one asked about the subject. If someone asked me about something, I'm going to give my honest opinion as well. I don't know that I really cared THAT much, but I think what she said had some points that I agree with.

Ask me a question about figure skating!

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