Thursday, June 10

I would like your opinion: Who do you recommend me as a new coach for Mao Asada? Do you have any good idea?

I don't really know, or I guess I should say that no one is coming to mind immediately. Whoever the coach is, though, needs to be someone that is strict but at the same time makes the skater really believe in him/herself. Asada looked deflated all season and she really made it seem like skating had become a serious job rather than something she was once so passionate about. Granted, I understand it was an Olympic year and she probably had a lot of pressure from so many different places, but she was without Tarasova at Worlds and she seemed 1000 times happier, and so much more relaxed. I hope that personality continues.

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Someone needs to work with Mao on actually skating to the music. She looked so deflated when she won silver in Vancouver, when given the season she's had, it was a great achievement.