Saturday, June 5

Is it just me or did this last Olympics seem particularly warhorse heavy, with regards to music selections? I can't recall it ever being quite this bad. You think this is a sign of things to come or just a random occurrence?

I think it happens more frequent in the Olympic seasons because some skaters resort to "safe bets". One great example from the 2006 Olympic season was Elena Sokolova skating to Nessun Dorma for her short program. Even though her crossovers and posture were far from beautiful, there was something about the program that made it work for her when she was on (2006 Worlds)-- and it was probably the music itself.

While I would like to hope that the trend dies out, I don't think it will any time soon. There are some choreographers that really want to take chances with obscure and new pieces, while others seem bored with their jobs and pull out the "Greatest Hits of Skating" CD every time they are called to duty. Then again, I think many of the skaters themselves don't have a very large music knowledge, and many of them gravitate towards the hits because they just sound good.

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