Wednesday, June 16

ISU Congress Updates

At the top right of the page, I added a section with real-time updates from Twitter whenever there is a "tweet" that includes ISU Congress. The German Ice Skating Union (DEU) has posted several updates, and the Japanese media has also done some reporting of changes.

Key issues:

The ISU has voted to keep the age rules for senior and junior competitors as they are currently listed. (DEU via Twitter)

The compulsory dance is done away with, as is the original dance. The short dance now takes place as the first portion of the ice dance competition in senior and junior-level competitions. (DEU via Twitter)

Senior ladies competitors have the option of doing a double OR triple Axel as the required Axel jump in the short program, which now means that they can do a possible of four triples in this portion. Prior, a triple Axel would have to be done in combination. (Japanese media according to Twitter postings)

That's about it for now. The ISU says a document will be published Friday night with all of the changes made at this Congress, but the daily updates are definitely nice for the impatient types. :-)

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