Tuesday, June 22

Nagasu Calls a Fan Out, Reveals More Music Details

Mirai Nagasu is never at a shortage of words-- you probably know this if you've ever seen one of her press conferences or interviews. See this press conference from the 2010 World Championships as an example:

Reports online in the past few weeks had suggested Mirai will be skating to the soundtrack "Villages of Eastwick" for her short program. A GoldenSkate message board poster replied to this, saying, "but I wanted to see her doing something different, more mature."Mirai is very active on her Twitter account and when she was made aware of the comment, she came back with her own personal message to this particular poster:
You know what Goldenskate forum lady, my short program is mostly liszt anyways. I hope that's mature enough for you...
Ha! I think I love her a little bit more, and I'm quite sure that Mirai said this with a humorous tone :-)


becauseofitall said...

Oh Mirai, at some point you'll have foot in the mouth syndrome.

Tonichelle said...

Found it hysterical!