Saturday, June 5

O.K. I did ask you your honest opinion of why JW was pushed out of favor with the USFSA and why he is not given credit for all he has done to bring new younger fans to an ageing sport. Plus I don't know what the SLC scandel mess is! What happened to this

Ok you replied in a later Formspring saying that you know now what the SLC scandal was all about, so I'll skip highlighting that.

I really don't think that Johnny was pushed out of favor with the USFS. I think that he was a breath of fresh air in 2004 and even 2005 when the IJS was just starting up, but his skating looks very similar to what it was in 6.0. I think many of the other men that have passed him up in the standings have adjusted their skating to fit the new system much more, and that's why he hasn't continued his climb to the top. I hate going on and on about Johnny because the thing is that I really do not have anything against him, I just wish he would have had stronger programs this year... then I would have been on the bandwagon screaming robbery, too.

The men are really where it's at these days. I always used to much prefer the ladies but that is not the case anymore. I think there are so many incredible personalities and story-tellers ON THE ICE now that if any young kids watched a mens competition at a major event, they'd want to do just the same. Sadly, I think Johnny leaves his personality off the ice.

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