Sunday, June 13

On the Subject of Yannick Ponsero..

I was discussing the Grand Prix assignments with a French friend, and apparently the reason for Ponsero receiving no Grand Prix assignments is because he has decided to retire. This, again, is no official announcement, but just relaying what I have heard.

If we all remember back to the beginning of March, Yannick decided not to take part in the would-have-been three-way test skate for the second spot to the World Championships. He went on record afterwards saying that essentially, it would have been a waste of his time to travel such a far distance to compete in a test skate that was already pre-determined for Brian Joubert to win. Probably not the best idea, but if he had retiring in mind already, I'm sure he saw the whole thing even more pointless. I have a feeling he wasn't even training much, if at all, in between the European Championships and the test skate, as he had to feel his season was already over.

If I hear anything concrete, I'll definitely update this post.

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