Wednesday, June 9

One question that's always bugged me during Vancouver was how Voir scored so much higher than Marlie. To the layperson, they looked well matched. Could you elaborate on how both couples were scored?

I think that the difference in both dances between the two teams is that Virtue/Moir looked really sharp and finished everything off, while Davis/White obviously had a much different free dance in particular and they were flying around the ice with so much passion (maybe sloppy looking at times). In the eyes of the judges, I think that it was a big determination of the components marks. While both teams' skills might be just about equal (and in another world compared to the rest of the teams), the cleaner and more polished looking programs won the day. As far as the original dance, I think I liked Davis/White's a little bit more, but I'm convinced that Virtue/Moir had such amazing highlight lifts in both programs that it also stuck with the judges. D/W took a chance with that OD, while V/M had a safe choice (not taking anything away from them, because they made it work).

I still have plenty to learn in ice dancing, but when I scored everything myself, I agreed with V/M beating D/W in both the OD and FD, but I had it really close. I think it honestly came down to personal preference of the programs themselves by the judges, because like I said-- their skills and content are very much alike. But then again, I could be all wrong. Ice dancing was never my favorite ;-)

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Meri said...

Looking at D/W's dances, I thought that you could see they were doing difficult things; while in V/M's case, they were so smooth and polished that they made the content they were doing look easier than it was. IMO, the judges were absolutely right to recognize that and reward them for it. D/W still need to learn how to control their speed and intensity, because sometimes they just end up looking sloppy.

becauseofitall said...

While I agree that D/W could work more subtlety into their routines, it's a bit harsh to say they look sloppy - in both Olympics and Worlds they did their phantom lifts as cleanly as they could. V/M's Olympic routines were wonderful moments on the ice, but I think a lot of fans will remember the Indian OD for a long while. It was consistently better over the season.