Wednesday, June 2

One World Champ To Choreograph For Another?

This, to my knowledge, has not been reported anywhere else yet. I have heard from a reliable source that current World Champion Daisuke Takahashi will be working on choreography for a new short program with none other than 2005 and 2006 World Champion Stephane Lambiel. Note that I said A new short program, and not THE new short program. I have also heard that Takahashi will be having two programs choreographed, and he will decide which one he will skate competitively during the 2011 season. Not sure yet on who the other choreographer is, though. I'll edit it in when I confirm. Pasquale Camerlengo (husband of two-time World ice dance Champion Anjelika Krylova) is still slated to choreograph his free skate.

And so starts the part of the off-season where rumors and big news are bound to come up quite frequent. I have always tried to do my best to stay quiet until I am really sure of the things I put my name to, but keep in mind that once again, this is no official announcement!

Updated: This information is now confirmed.

Another update: I hear that the choreographer for the other short program is Shae-Lynn Bourne. We will see if Daisuke sticks with his original plan of having two programs choreographed, after Lambiel works on the first program in two weeks.


highaims said...

How reliable are the other rumors that Daisuke will be working with Shae-Lynn Bourne? That seems to be the take among a majority of the Japanese fans here.

Tony said...

I heard he really wanted to work with Shae. She might be the other one that is choreographing a program for him, I'm not sure. I hope I find out more tomorrow and I'll update this news :)

Anonymous said...

Has Lambiel ever created a program for himself or others? It would be great if Takahashi can improve his spins by working with him. And do you know what his new free program will be like by any chance? Before he got injured, Takahashi created two FPs with Camerlengo. He ended up skating to "La Strada" last season, while the other one was shelved. I'm wondering if he'll skate to that one for next season because I know its music is very challenging.

Thanks for your information. I'm looking forward to your updates on this. (Is he in Detroit now?)

Anonymous said...

Anonynous I asked:
"Has Lambiel ever created a program for himself or others?" - Officially he was only once mentioned as co-choreographer as far as I know: 2007 in a program of the swiss skater Noémie Silberer. However his own programs he developed as teamwork together with Salomé Brunner. And according to the the broadcast on TSR (Télévision Suisse Romande) in the emission "Préliminaire" of May 2010 you are able get a little tiny impression how this teamwork together with Salomé looks like.

Anonymous said...

@Anonymous II,
Thank you so much! I'll go and check on youtube.

And I also have something I should correct in my first comment.
I wrote "He ended up skating to 'La Strada'...," by which I meant "He decided to skate to 'La Strada'..."
Sorry. I just wanted him to skate to the other one too.

Anonymous said...

Thanks for the confirmation Tony. I am excited!

"He ended up skating to "La Strada" last season, while the other one was shelved."

The shelved one was "Ocean Waves" by George Winston. I hear Dai is working with Camerlengo for his FS right now. I wonder if they're putting finishing touches to this or making a new one...?