Saturday, June 5

Re: Ice Dance and pacing for the Olympics. Do you foresee this "youthening" up as a continuing trend? Perhaps with I&K this quad? Or do you think dance will return to its tradition of favoring veterans (D&W, and potentially V&M if they stay till Sochi)?

I&K are definitely getting any early push from the fans, and the judges at Junior Worlds obviously loved them, too. Whether they can keep that momentum for four years, I don't know. But with Domnina/Shabalin, Belbin/Agosto, Delobel/Schoenfelder, Zaretsky/Zaretsky, all either retired or most likely done, there is a lot of room in the middle of the pack for newer or other junior teams to start on the trek that Virtue/Moir and Davis/White did. We will see in 2011 if those two teams still have the fire in their bellies that they did this season. I think V/M will retire before 2014 comes around, and I think D/W might get sidelined or unmotivated a bit but return strong for Sochi. Just a feeling, as usual.

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NPants said...

Actually V/M have signed a contract with Roots for continued skating for the next four years! Though in four years, anything could happen...they're also coming out with a book soon, with Steve Milton