Tuesday, June 22

Shocker for American Pairs

The USFS has issued a press release that two-time US National Pairs Champions Keauna McLaughlin and Rockne Brubaker have split; McLaughlin will focus on high school for a year while Brubaker plans to search for a new partner.

Blah. Even though they were a very disappointing fifth place at last years Nationals and missed competing in the Vancouver Olympics, this team still had a spark and an unfulfilled potential that excited many in the skating community. It is so weird having to type this, as I just saw them skate what I am guessing was their final performance together on Saturday at the Skate for Hope show. McLaughlin was falling all over the place on the throw jumps, but I thought her somewhat somber mood was brought on by the mistakes. Now I am thinking that they knew this was the end and no matter how they skated, it probably was going to be emotional. Here's to hoping Keauna enjoys her time away from the sport and maybe someday comes back, and also I hope Rockne can find a solid partner in time to at least enjoy part of his season next year.

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