Thursday, June 3

Some people really know everything about the technical side of figure skating and IJS and all that. I understand it a little bit, but most of the time still not enough to fully understand the scores of some skaters. You have any tips for me how to learn?

It definitely takes some time to remember all of the little rules and when things get multiplied or factored, etc. I think a good way to really learn is to watch a competition after it has finished, and keep the protocol from the event close by. As the skater performs the elements, you can see what the assigned level was and what the GoE's looked like from each of the judges. It's not the perfect way of learning, but if you are a casual fan who wants to understand more, I think it's a good start. Reading through all of the material is tiring, and the wording can be extremely complicated and frustrating at times!

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highaims said...

Casual fan or not, it'll help looking through the Technical Guidelines published by the ISU. It'll make you more aware what faults are being considered when taking those points away, as well as what aspects are actually given credit for in those high scores.