Tuesday, June 22

Speaking of Villages of Eastwick..

What do we all think of Mira Leung's 2009 Canadian National short program? Honestly, I think she improved greatly as far as her style and understanding of the music went, but it came at a time when Cynthia Phaneuf was making her comeback and I'm sure Skate Canada no longer needed Mira as their somewhat-reliable second skater behind Joannie Rochette. Don't get me wrong, Mira had decent finishes at the 2006 Olympics as well as two of her three World Championship appearances, so it wasn't like she was completely horrible. BUT, too bad she apparently didn't listen to anyone in the 2010 season and finished 15th in the short program at the National Championship. She withdrew before the free skate, but the components scores from the event seemed to be a strong message that things needed to change if she were to ever show up to another competition.

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Fannie Mae said...

Mirai posted on her Twitter that the bulk of the SP music is Liszt. I'm curious to see what piece is paired with Eastwick. Nichol hasn't used much in the way of original selections in recent years, but I did like how she paired the Hisaishi piece with the David Garrett violin version of Pirates. It reminded me (in a good way) a bit of Tom Dickson's work on Lu Chen's Beetlejuice program, with the melodic leading into the more frenetic music.