Friday, June 4

Thoughts on Daisuke - do you think that Lambiel not only doing choreography for Daisuke but also to give some advise on spins? I believe that Daisuke needs to improve a bit on his spin though he has improved a lot after his knee injury and the operation.

Stephane helping with spins might not be a bad idea, but I also think that Daisuke is scoring well enough that it isn't an urgent matter. Like I mentioned in the response to whether Stephane would be a good choreographer-- you never know if someone who is a "master" at something will be a good teacher. Do you think Alexei Mishin ever did quadruple toe loops or triple Axels? ;-)

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Anonymous said...

I saw the interview of Lambiel in
Check out
Then very last question, Lambiel loves Japanese skaters especially Takahiko Kozuka and maybe he will willing to choreograph if Kozuka would ask Lambiel, I guess.

Tony said...

I'm glad that Stephane likes him! Kozuka is my favorite of the up-and-comers and I really would love to see him break out of his shell. Stephane, aside from the Olympics free skate where he looked scared to death, has always been really free and open with his emotion. I think that working with Takahiko might do him a whole world of good, and he might start believing in himself and learn how to really sell it!