Sunday, June 13

What are your thoughts on Ryan Bradley? And do you have any news on him?

I like him, but I think there are some weaknesses to his skating that he could have worked on ten years ago. He has found a way to mask these issues by skating to comical routines where the focus is on the choreography rather than the details of the elements, but he has extremely slow spins, his footwork is usually done very slowly and without much difficulty compared to pretty much any of the top men in the world, and he carries the lack of speed throughout the program itself. I respect that he goes for the audience reaction rather than completely focusing on the IJS, but he definitely fared better (IMO) in the 6.0 system. I saw him live at his very first Nationals in 2000, and I was really excited to see how he would progress. Honestly, I think he is one of those skaters where his skating looks very similar now as it did then. I promise though, I do enjoy him. :-)

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Tonichelle said...

I agree that Ryan could and should have started much sooner working on polishing his skating. I just watched his SP from 2002 Skate Canada and was surprised to see it be similar to what he did later on.

That being said - he upped his difficulty a bit in the jumps, and he is a crowd pleaser. And his footwork DID improve this last season, especially by nationals.

and he worked within the IJS where his strengths would allow. If only he had that drive sooner, because his consistency is what was truly holding him back (well, and his craptastique spins)