Tuesday, June 22

What are your thoughts on Weir's career as a professional skater?

I think he can be very successful, and it'll help keep his name in the media. In my opinion, he doesn't have confidence when he is skating competitively, but he is able to completely relax and really sell the skating when he is performing in shows/exhibitions. I don't care if he waters down his jumps as a pro.. if he keeps coming up with fresh performances to modern hit music, the casual skating fandom will keep coming back for more.. I guarantee it.

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-K said...

As one of the casual skating fans of whom you speak, I'm not qualified to say whether or not he should keep competing. But I can tell you that if he skates anywhere near NYC, I'll be there. I saw him premiere Heartbroken this spring at the Ice Theatre show and it was really a wonderful performance, plus he is such a doll with his fans. But do you think there would be enough opportunities for him as a pro, with the number of skating shows these days? Maybe he'd have to skate internationally a lot, I don't know.