Thursday, June 3

What do you think about Johnny Weir, Jeremy Abbott and Evan Lysacek's competitive careers? Should they retire or do they have still a few years in front of them? (And who do you think is more likely to continue?)

Weir and Lysacek, I would guess, are both done. Weir has so much else going on with his life that I can't see him being motivated to go skate for hours a day again. He seems happy with all of his other ventures anyways. Lysacek-- I think his lack of motivation is going to come from having won everything he could possibly win. He's won an Olympic title and a World title, and been around long enough that I'd also guess he's done. Jeremy Abbott needs to really believe in himself. You can see the panic in his face when he skates. If he can find some sort of confidence, I think that the consistency will come. I don't know if he has another four good years in him, but he's definitely not done just yet.

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Anonymous said...

Johnny is still skating at exhibitions and charity events and has kept his body compitition-fit. He can decide if he wants to continue competing when the time comes. I do love seeing him out and about and having fun though.