Thursday, June 3

What do you think about Lysacek's skating style? I don't know much about the technical aspects of fs, and Lysacek gets a lot of wank from fs fans for being "ugly" and "robotical". You seem to be unbiased and competent, so I'd love to hear your opinion :)

I'm honestly not a huge fan of his skating. I think everything he does is decent, but there is nothing about him that really stands out or makes me really get into his performances. There are so many men down the ranks that always have a story or presence, while Evan kind of just goes out there and performs all of the elements with a solidity. There was an excitement and a tension in his Olympic free skate, but that was because he skated well on the most important night of his life-- not because he created the excitement through his skating (if that makes sense).

I'm not taking anything away from his Olympic gold though, because I think he deserved it.

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