Thursday, June 24

What do you think of JW as a choreographer for other skaters?

As I replied with the original questions about Stephane Lambiel and his ability as a choreographer, you never know until you actually see their work. My one concern with Johnny and competitive programs is if he really understands all of the rules and requirements. We all know he used to forget to do three jump combinations in his free skates or not even use all of his jumping passes up to begin with, and then we had reports of him taking most of the choreography out of his programs that David Wilson gave him. How could anyone expect high scores if they are taking the choreography out?! But as a show skating choreographer, I'm sure he'd come up with some great ideas.

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Monica said...

I can't see it. I love most of Johnny's show numbers (except for Lady Ga Ga, sorry), but I think he's increasingly experimenting with weird stuff, which sometimes works for him and sometimes doesn't, but for other skaters would most certainly not work. And like you said, he wouldn't be able to choreograph for competition. That's not a criticism, but he's too much of a free spirit and the new system straightjackets skaters into paint-by-numbers programs. Johnny's no good with that. I wish JW could understand that he was born to skate. He may be ok at other things, but he's great at one. And I fear he's wasting his talent. There's always time to choreograph and record songs and design fashion in another five years. The time to skate is now.

Anonymous said...

I don't think Johnny as a choreographer would work in theory. For one, he's not very outwardly expressive in his skating style as he has said so himself, this is not to say that he's devoid of artistic merits, far from it. Just that as a choreographer, you really have to be passionate about it or else you're not going to be successful.

I have a dance background so here's my take. A choreographer must be able to find inspirations across all spectrums of art, be they music, philosophy, fine art, literature, etc... In Lambiel's case, he's always proclaimed his love of not just FS but also other arts like opera, music, and ballet.

As a dancer, I would say the most important thing for a choreographer to possess is musicality, followed by imagination, and lastly the ability to translate emotions into sets of movement. Seems to fit Lambiel perfectly.

Anonymous said...

From watching BGJW, it was Galina who changed all of David Wilson's choreograhy, not Johnny who appeared to be very upset by it but helpless against Galina.

I don't see Johnny doing choreography except for himself.

-K said...

Hi Anonymous #1, what you said about art and Lambiel goes for Johnny as well, he loves music (grew up listening to classical music), ballet, obviously fashion, etc. He often says he can get inspiration from anywhere, which is the mark of an artist as you say. I don't know about him as a choreographer, maybe for show programs, since he is the first to admit that he never really understood the COP scoring system. I'm excited to see the programs Stephane created for Daisuke and Denis Ten, he seems to be enjoying choreography so I hope it works out for him.