Tuesday, June 22

What do you think of Tomas Verner's chances for placing higher in 10/11 than he did in 09/10? It probably depends on his health, but what would you say is the potential from growth by the next season?

You never know with Verner. I think the huge thing for him was to try skating under a different coach than Michael Huth, which has happened this spring. As far as I know, he's been trying out different training locations and atmospheres in the USA and Canada but hasn't made a final decision about a permanent location yet.

Remember, in 2008 Verner beat Lambiel and Joubert for the European title. The potential for him to be on top, or at least very well near it, will always be there I think. But, yes, he had health problems last year, and it definitely doesn't help to mix that with a wildly inconsistent track record prior to 2010. I hope he is healthy next year and wish him all the best.

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