Monday, June 21

Where are the Yagudins of today?

I don't know where they are living, if that is what you mean. I know that Alexei is still doing some shows.

Ask me a question about figure skating!


Anonymous said...

I think the point of the question was more like
"Where are the skaters of Yagudin's caliber these days?"

IMO, there are, but in different styles. Won't mention names, 'cuz
after all, it's such a subjective matter.

Tony said...

Wow, I sure feel dumb now! I misread the question for
sure!! While there might not skaters with consistent jumps
all the way through the quad toe and a way to captivate an audience thrown all into one as Yagudin did, I absolutely love mens skating more than ever. There are plenty of unique personalities and many of the up-and-comers already have that "it" factor. To the original poster who asked the question, you should be as excited about all of this as I am!