Thursday, June 10

Where would you rank Laetitia Hubert's "prostitute on drugs" LP in the pantheon of weird programs?

It was amazing! I remember the days of skating videos just starting to get popular online (circa 2001, probably), and I had this black and white version of it on my computer from a Canadian broadcast of the 1998 Trophee Lalique, and I watched it over and over. I also really love the music and can still recall back then reading somewhere that the music may have been from a composer named Thierry Berthomeu, so I spent a long while one night searching the internet for every possible clip I could find by him, only to find out that Maxim Rodriguez composed the music exclusively for Laetitia. OK, enough about my past music-searching adventures. I wish she would have had a better season than three really poor showings during the Grand Prix with the program. Remember, she didn't even go to Worlds in 1999 or 2000, and I just recently saw her 2001 free skate-- a total snooze in my opinion. I really miss Laetitia.. she was always so wildly out of control after doing 10 crossovers around the rink ;-)

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Fernan Balz said...

Hey T! Here is a color version of that program: