Saturday, June 5

While I enjoy reading your insight on various topics in figure skating, I was surprised to find that you be a student as I thought you are a professional figure skating journalist! May I ask what brings you this much of the knowledge? Do you also skate?

I was just a fan for a long time, and met some very knowledgeable and informed people along the way. I started skating purely for enjoyment a few years ago. I had a coach and progressed fairly quick, but now I just go to the rink every once in a while to make sure I am keeping up on my (lack of) skills..

Journalism never really intrigued me because I absolutely hate writing about topics that I have no interest (which is what I would spend plenty of time in school doing), and specifically in skating I hate reading interviews with skaters that are supposedly exclusive, but they repeat the same thing we have already heard 50 other times. I really just like writing in my own style, and being able to post whenever I feel like it or whenever I have exciting news. However, if a major media or sports website saw my work and liked my writing style and my occasional information sharing, I might consider it. Hint ;-)

Ask me a question about figure skating!

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Dimond from NY said...

Wow. You seem to have found a lot of good informative to keep you busy writing and sharing such great info. What I liked the most on your recent posting is one of those choregraphing story of Daisuke vs Steph, and also an interview with Patrick Ibens in March. You seem to know so many people, including judeges or ex-judeges like Patrick! Keep it up, I will watch you =)