Wednesday, June 23

Who do you think are the most overrated and underrated skaters right now?

This usually comes down to me not agreeing with the components scores..

Overrated-- Brian Joubert, Kevin Van der Perren, Sergei Voronov, Min-Jung Kwak, Kavaguti/Smirnov, Pang/Tong to a very slight extent, Zhangs to a very severe extent, the Kerrs only slightly, and the now-retired Domnina/Shabalin (in 2010) and Zaretskis.

Underrated- Florent Amodio, Adam Rippon, Fleur Maxwell

I'm sure I am forgetting some skaters. And before I get all kinds of hate replies-- I love Brian Joubert, for example, but I can definitely realize his lack of one-foot skating and minimal choreography vs. the other top men. So there :-P

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Anonymous said...

Overrated of all time - Michelle Kwan

Delonjo said...

MK was not overrated, as she proved her mettle time after time.

Now, Joubert SUCKS. I'm so tired of that one-trick pony skating on two feet and displaying zero flexibility and no panache. It's just all muscle. No finesse. And all that Morozov stutter stepping has GOT TO GO. I think Joubert is the most overrated of all time.

Anonymous said...

I hear you about Kwak, everyone thinks/wants to think she's the next big thing from Korea. IMO she's not, there are other more promising young skaters coming up in Korea. Kwak will never be Yu-Na v.2 no matter who her coach is.

Anonymous said...

I really think that Patrick Chan is overhyped, overrated, etc.

Verner is good. But not THAT good. He tends to headcase sometimes. (his LP from TEB 09, for example. He came dangerously close to the boards several times and flubbed a jump.)

When Jeremy Abbott is in his element, he's unbeatable. Check his US Nats 2010 performances. I wish he had repeated them at the Olympics. He would have definitely made the podium. Jeremy Abbott is a great skater (and a huge headcase) but a lot of the US tends to forget he's there and just fixates on Johnny and Evan. Evan is nothing special. I'm still wondering how he pulled the gold medal...

I don't really think that Joubert is overrated. He's definitely earned the medals he's gotten, but hopefully he'll step it up artistically next season. Judging that he's working with Antonio, i'm looking for some good choreo and extension...

Anonymous said...

I agree, Michelle Kwan is just overrated.

And Min-jung, oh please, who is this girl?? Tell me when she does something worth watching.

As for Joubert, he is not overrated, if it was like that, he would have won more than just one world title and bunch of silver medals.

Yuna-Kim is so overscored it hurts.

Evan is not even mentioned but he is one of the most overrated skaters.

Anonymous said...

I agree as well, Michelle was HUGELY overrated who got by under the 6.0 because they never awarded technicality but clean programs and 'artistry' (sorry but I never got Michelle's artistry appeal on ice, it seemed more to me that once she started landing the final jumps of her usually conservative and easy programs everyone went bananas).

As for your article, I pretty much agree with all of them. Although I have to say that Yu-Na Kim should have been on there. Her spins are always all over the place, the positions are bleh, her spirals make me cringe, and like Michelle I simply don't see her supposed appeal as far as artistry goes (just a bunch of bad acting she is told to do by her coach with zero genuine emotions. For me she's only got the huge jumps, the rest is only reality on paper.

Anonymous said...

lmao as if IJS doesn't award clean programs? if you re-judge the majority of competitions michelle won under 6.0, she would ALSO win most of them under IJS. the funniest thing is some of you are obvious sasha cohen fans who is the queen of overrated, can you talk about failure on ice? a lot of people here seem to watch a few programs of michelle's after 2002 when her choreography disapppeared and then act as if that's representative of every program in her entire career