Tuesday, June 22

Who Wants to Take a Trip? The Grand Prix Spots are Already Opening..

In the first wave of probably many withdrawal and retirement announcements, a few of the Grand Prix spots are now up for grabs.

McLaughlin/Brubaker (USA) had events at Skate Canada and Skate America. The latter will be filled by another American team of the USFS' choosing, while the Skate Canada spot does NOT have to be a US team. If they actually plan on competing, Inoue/Baldwin might actually have a good shot at receiving one of the now-two open Skate America spots (they are only assigned to the NHK Trophy), while Yankowskas/Coughlin are in a tough position because they have the Cup of China event scheduled right in-between Skate Canada and Skate America. Being assigned back-to-back events with distances that great are surely not ideal.

If the icepartnersearch.com listing by French skater Vanessa James was authentic yesterday, then it is probably safe to say that she and new partner Maxim Coia have already called it quits. They were assigned their home event, Trophee Eric Bompard, and will possibly be replaced by another French team. However, the FFSG already gave back one of their maximum three spots (due to lack of elite pairs, I'm sure) and giving back another isn't out of the question.

In ice dance, Israeli team Sasha and Roman Zaretski have officially retired, opening spots at the NHK Trophy and Skate America competitions.

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