Thursday, June 3

You mentioned picking music for skating programs... how do you choose? Are there any particular requirements? What are the differences between the music for a short program and a free skate?

I don't really "pick" music for the skaters; I just really watch their styles and come up with what I think would be good ideas. There have been some international skaters who have chosen my suggestions, and I'm always willing to give my input.

As far as the differences between a short program and a free skate... I think that the short programs I usually envision are all about one concept and usually the music doesn't have many changes of tempo or velocity. The free skate, though, is where you are able to tell a story and different pieces meshed together to tell it are what I usually go for. Not always the case though-- it really just depends on the concept I come up with. Example: I found a really gloomy, dark piece of music that would be great for a mens short program for next season, but it's a bit too monotonous throughout. I found a techno remix of the song that could be woven in during the footwork sequences and spins that picks up the speed and excitement. We will see if it gets used... I have a skater or two in mind that I think it would really work for :-)

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