Tuesday, July 27

And while we're on the subject of Kulik, what do you think the Salt Lake City result would have been if he'd kept going? I think it would have been all-Russian podium, but in which order?

I think that Plushenko was a little lucky to be 4th after the short so an "on" Kulik probably could have gotten the silver. Remember at the 2001 World PROS (which were just a few months before SLC), Kulik reprised his Rhapsody in Blue and I believe he landed everything until he doubled a Salchow at the end, or something like that. Whatever the case, it was still an amazing performance.

We also have to remember that Plushenko was the reigning World Champion during the 2002 season and skipped Euros, while Yagudin and especially Abt both skated brilliantly. Who is to say Kulik would have been able to edge either one of them and earn a spot to SLC to begin with?

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