Thursday, July 15

Canadians Buntin and Chipeur Retire

We all knew Craig Buntin was retiring, but now he has finally made an official statement. Former pairs partner Meagan Duhamel is now skating with Eric Radford, which is confirmed in the release. Also retiring this week is National silver medalist Vaughn Chipeur-- which I think we all saw coming, as well. Chipeur reached his goal of competing at the 2010 Olympics but a poor short program barely qualified him to the free skate, and he ended up 23rd overall. His retirement seemed a sure thing upon not receiving any Grand Prix assignments last month, even though skaters ranked below him nationally were assigned at least one event.

Read the official press releases from Buntin and Chipeur.


Tonichelle said...

Gonna miss seeing Chipeur skate. His SP this season was fantastic. Loved the Kurt Browning inspired footwork.

Tonichelle said...
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