Tuesday, July 6

Can you also recommend a source, or more, when I want to learn a bit more about FS...to differentiate jumps, footwork, spins,, transitions, edgesand to know how good a program actually is?

Reading the rules and communications on the ISU website (http://www.isu.org) and then comparing the performances on YouTube to the protocols you can find from each event is helpful. For example, the protocols from the 2010 World Championships can be found here (where it says Judges Scores, for each portion of the events): http://www.isuresults.com/results/wc2010/index.htm

I learned by watching skating when I was young and listening to the commentators call out the jumps and spins and all of the other elements. This was before the internet was huge and there weren't so many resources online back then. When it came to transition into the IJS, I really just read up on everything to understand it better.

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Anonymous said...

If you want the REAL basics, I recommend the site below.


Anonymous said...

Depends on what you already know, but if you just want differences between the various elements and such, alot of online sites provide that.


is one of them. Wiki is also useful.

Anonymous said...

I like gofigureskating for required elements/scoring mechanics b/c it's really user friendly. They also explain the different types of jumps and whatnot pretty clearly


Anonymous said...

Tony,have you ever skated yourself? If you have, have you ever competed yourself?

Tony said...

Thanks for all of the links. I hope it all helps :-)

As far as skating myself.. you can read about it here: