Friday, July 16

Dayum, that David Wilson guy is doing choreo 4 everyone. Are skaters scared of trying new choreographers that they just do the safe bet & hire Wilson? What was he a former dancer or something? M/b that's why programs are starting to resemble each other

He is a former singles? skater I think that had to retire at an early age because of a growth disease. He worked with Sebastien Britten and Josee Chouinard back in the day and then I believe he was quiet for a few years until he started choreographing for Buttle, Phaneuf, and Rochette.

I think he's done some great work, but I'd have to say my absolute favorite was Dubreiul/Lauzon's free dance to Somewhere in Time that they used in the 2006 season.

The tough thing with IJS is that most programs are going to resemble each other in ways because of the lack of time allotted for skaters to really include any personality. Hopefully the removal of one element from the short programs will solve some of these problems, because I think that's where we see similarities (or flat out boring programs) the most.

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