Sunday, July 18

Do you know any good websites for figure skating stats and records?

Has every single score of every single portion of competition from the Olympic Games. It is remarkable.

As far as other scores/results, the last few years have seen so many great resources disappear, however--

This website by Tino Eberl has competition records that go back 20+ years. While the rankings in individual segments and the scores themselves aren't posted, it's one of the only places you can find results for earlier competitions. I have a feeling much of Wikipedia's competition results listings were taken from this site.

Hope that helps!

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Anonymous said...

Thanks, Tony!

Anonymous said...

For the 2010 OG, check out this site, it breaks down all the components/ levels & scores. Just click on the + icon to the right of the scores for the breakdowns.

Here's the men's SP:

This is where some skaters lost the competition. Johnny's lack of choreo/ transitions really showed in his scores, 7.45 for transitions/ 7.9 for skating skills, ouch. Johnny also got only 2 level 4s on his technical elements, everyone ahead of him got at least 3 level 4s.

Lambiel got -1.92 for only doing a botched 4t/ 2t instead of planned 4t/ 3t. There went his chance of medalling. However every category of PCS (choreo/ transition/ interpretation/ skating skills) was highest of the night.

Plushenko's weaknesses also was exposed here. 6.80 for transitions, double ouch! Had he worked more on PCS he would've gotten gold.

Chan had a level 1 spin so lost some points there. Plus he got -2.52 on his failed 3a, on top of -1.00 for time violation.

men's LP:

Pretty laughable how Plushenko got lots of undeserved +GOE for his jumps & elements. Also 8.75 for interpretation? Higher than the next highest scoresr Lambiel & Takahashil? What were judges smoking?

Anonymous said...

@Anonymous #2 "What were judges smoking?"

I don´t know, maybe the same thing they smoked before scoring Lysacek? No wait, for Lysacek they used something stronger, to keep them awake during the performance!!!!!!