Friday, July 16

do you think all singles skaters must do ina bauers spread eagles besti squats and twizzles a lot to be really good??

Not at all. I mean, I love seeing a great Ina Bauer but sometimes it seems like it is just thrown in to the program as something to cover getting from one end of the rink to the other with no real linking to the choreography or steps preceding or following it. Spread eagles are usually nice transitions into spins but we don't see them very often, either. I think I see them most often as part of the "steps" into double Axels or triple Salchows, etc. As far as Besti squats-- I think Olga Markova did more of them than the number I've seen combined since she retired. And twizzles seem to have stuck with the ice dancers, although some singles skaters could include them (or something similar) in their footwork sequences.

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