Tuesday, July 6

Do you think Dube & Davison will ever win another world medal?

Nope. The "Blowers Daughter" program they did was magical, but besides that, they haven't really had any memorable programs in my opinion. I did like their "Galicia Flamenca" short program, and while I think their free skate that they are re-using in 2011 ("The Way We Were") is nice, it seems like it's an attempt to bring them back to the magic of the 2007/2008 free skate-- and it's falling flat of that.

I see them getting stuck in the "second-to-last" group (5th through 8th) for the remainder of their careers. I really liked them once upon a time, but she in particular gave me the impression of saying "oh well" to their lackluster performances all last season.

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Anonymous said...

Thanks for answering my question so quickly! I agree, their "Blower's Daughter" program was magical. I think that's why I'm finding it so hard to accept that they won't live up to all the promise the showed then.

Anonymous said...

It's definitely a possibility. Now that they've identified the problem, psychologically, they can work on it. So I wouldn't rule it out.