Tuesday, July 27

Do you think the height difference between Alex and Maia will hinder their ability to challenge for the top? Has there been a case of a top gorilla/fly dance team? Obviously we've seen such success in pairs, but dance?

I haven't really seen a difference as big as theirs. I was going to bring up Delobel/Schoenfelder, but it was definitely less severe than these two. The fact they are both skinny (especially in Maia's case) also adds to it.

I don't want to cause drama by this statement, but I always wondered about this team and if they have truly found a passion in skating or always got a push from their parents. Obviously with names like Maia and Alex, it seems their destinies were set before they were even born. We all remember how Ann-Patrice McDonough's mom had her career laid out, and the second A-P turned 18, she competed for that final season and then was never to be heard from again competitively. If Maia and Alex always wanted to skate and shared the same passion as their parents, then it's great for them and sorry that I ever alluded to anything else.

Anyways, back to this team-- they had similar results internationally as juniors last year as they did in 2009, except for when they dropped to 4th at Junior Worlds after being the reigning silver medalists. I have a feeling they will get lost in the shuffle of up-and-coming teams, as I have yet to be wowed by them.

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