Sunday, July 25

Don't you think it's rather hypocritical of Patrick Chan to be making statements such as "you don't need a quad to win" and yet now he's jumping quad toes?

No. I think he was saying a quadruple toe loop shouldn't be the only thing that vaults skaters to the top of the standings. You have to have a great package overall... some skaters with quads fly around the ice on two feet almost the entire time and have no attempt at really showing off any of the program components aspects. Going for (and landing) the quad just adds to Patrick's strengths in my own opinion.

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Anonymous said...

No, he wasn´t saying that. He said several times that a quad wasn´t a big deal, there was no point to put one in the programs even he could jump it perfectly, etc. LOL!Because ISU changed the rules and gave the skaters the opportunity to put 2 quads in their SP, Chan chaged the strategy too because he would do anything to please the judges. He is an hypocrite and a buttkisser.
If Chan lands his quads in competitions you´ll see how important quad will become, he will talk about it all day long!

Anonymous said...

Maybe he's changing his tune because he now has trouble with 3A, therefore has to compensate for lack of 3A with quads.

PChan is so irritaing when he opens his mouth, he's like Joubert in that regard. Both think their skating is better than it actually is, their programs have yet to move beyond merely getting them on the podium.

Anonymous said...

Chan has been steadily upping his skills and difficulties in his programs every season. He was planning on adding 4T to his program last year but his season and progress were derailed by his illness and injury. He decided not to risk another injury in an Olympic year. Now he's back on track and progress.

He talked about quads because he was asked a lot about it, especially during the Olympics. The media love a controversy, so they put him in the "transition" camp and pitted him against Plushenko, ignoring the fact that Chan is a strong jumper, earning his winning scores from the TES due mainly to the quality and difficulty of his jumps. (Yes, I know about the not so great jumps last year.)He was proven100% right about quad not being a necessity to win Worlds or Olympic.

If he doesn't do quads, he's a sissy and a talker who can't bring it. If he does quads, he's a hypocrit and a buttkisser. I guess he just has to accept that being hated for one's success is not so bad all things considered.

ISU adds incentives for quads so is anybody else adding quads now a buttkisser also? Or does it only apply to Chan? Gee, competitors should skate contrary to rules and scoring to stick it to the judges?

LOL you guys make it sound like he has quads in his pocket to whisk out when it suits him. And he's not giving up the podium for the truly deserving. What a scoundrel!

Anonymous said...

Damn if you do, damn if you don't.

Anonymous said...

Nobody hates Chan for his "succes", how can you hate a clown? He is not arrogant or a buttkisser he is just a dumb boy who likes to talk a lot. He spends his time bitching about Joubert, Plushenko, Yagudin, etc, do you believe that any of them takes him seriously,c´mon? Just look at his face for God´s sake!
I remember when he explained how important is to act proper in the Kiss&Cry, probably the way he did it at the Junior Championships when he swore like a truck driver!!!LOL!!!!

mikeko said...

Maybe Chan finally admitted to himself that it would be impossible for him to beat Takahashi with his "artistry" alone. I'm not sure if he realizes how superficial his "artistry" is, though. And Takahashi will have at least one quad flip in FS this season.

Anonymous said...


Don't forget, PChan is 4(or 5?)yrs younger than Daisuke! And IMO, young as he is, Chan is artistic in his own way. His step sequences are to die for.

You really like Daisuke, don't you? I'm a Daisuke fan too. Sorry if this sounds condescending, but if you really want to appreciate this sport/art, blind worshipping is no good.

mikeko said...

@ Anon #6
I appreciate and admire true artists like Takahashi and Lambiel, but Chan is not one of them, and I know I’m not alone.
I'm also tired of hearing those blind Chan worshippers like you saying “Patrick is still young, blah blah balh.” How many more years do you plan to use that excuse? Is he your baby, or does it even sound respectful to Chan himself? Who cares about skaters’ ages? Figure skating is supposed to be a sport and all skaters should be judged equally regardless of age. (I only care about Dai’s age because I do not want him to retire soon.)
We’ll see if Chan will develop as a skater and become a true artist in the next couple of years. But probably he’d need to grow up as a person first. Otherwise, his own arrogance might get in his way.