Friday, July 2

Formspring Roundup

Have you watched BGJW 109?

Nope, I haven't seen any of the episodes!

Do you remember the name of a male skater who choreographed his own competitive program(s) in the 1990s? I think he represented a European country (or Russia, or Ukraina? I'm not sure, sorry).

Dmitri Dmitrenko possibly? I know he has composed some of his own music to skate to, but I'm not sure if he actually choreographed the programs as well. He was European Champion in 1993 and then won a bronze medal in 2000.

Do you think either Adam Rippon or Patrick Chan will really be putting quads in their programs next season as they claim they will?

I was more surprised by Rippon's claim, because he has relatively tiny jumps. But if he says he's going to, he must be landing them. I don't doubt that Chan is probably doing the quad now. We shall see.. he's always talked a big game :-)

Good that you are back! I have been reading about Rippon doing a quad next season? What do you think of that? Do you think he can do one? Chan as well. I mean Everyone talks about Brezina adding a quad because he is a good jumper but Chan and Rippon?

See the question above this one! :)

Tony, iyo, doesn't Adam Rippon deserve a better choreo and less overused music in the upcoming season? The guy's so talented and yet his skating is SO boring. And he isn't that young anymore.

He picked the music for his programs. While some of the die-hard figure skating fans get annoyed about the same music choices being used season to season, I don't think the judges seem to care at all about returning to the "classics". Most of the judging panel are older and they would probably like to hear Tchaikovsky any day of the week over some of the more modern selections.

As far as the choreographer, I think that David Wilson is actually great. It's true, I wasn't as moved by Rippon's programs last year as I was by his future potential, but if the music means as much to him as he says, then the emotion might overcome the bore.

What's your opinion on Lori Nichol as a choreographer?

I like her, and I think she constantly produces some memorable programs. She mastered the 6.0 system and now she knows exactly what she is doing with IJS. I know some people don't like that Lori seems to resort to the same music often, but it's not like she's the only one who does so.

I'd always thought that [falls] got an automatic -1 deduction. Now the new rules tell me it's a majority call of the tech panel. This got me thinking, what are the specifics that define a [fall]? Bum on the ice? Both hands? Knees? Where is it explained?

This is from the 2008 Rules & Regulations:

a fall is defined as loss of control by a Skater with the result that the majority of his/her own body weight is on the ice supported by any other part of the body other than the blades e.g. hand(s), knee(s), back, buttock(s) or any part of the arm.

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