Sunday, July 4

Formspring Roundup

So, now that there are less elements in the short program, am I right in assuming that the high scores from the past probably won't be broken?

You are probably correct.

Plushenko was spotted the other day coaching Mishin's group. Do you think he could help Patrick Chan out with quads (if the 2 were on speaking terms, of course)?

I'm sure Plushenko could help teach anyone how to do the quad toe loop. Mishin is the absolute master of technique, and I'm willing to bet after all these years that Plushenko has picked up on most of his methods of teaching.

Just wanted to let you know: Kevin Van Der Perren has officially stated that he will skate for one more season. His goals: medal @ Europeans, top 8 @ Worlds. I don't think that's realistic (even without Lambiel, Plushenko, etc.). What do you think?

You never know with Kevin! I really liked him when he was beginning to make his climb (he went from something like 31st at 2001 Worlds to 12th at the 2002 Olympics) but I think lately he's been very lazy about his training. He likes jumping and that is really obvious, but he skates around on two feet with no transitions and no trying to relate to the music most of the time. I never thought he would have the skates he had at the 2010 Worlds so I'm never counting him out, but I think it'll be tough.

Kevin can win a medal at Euros. He did so in 2008. I belive he can do well. My only question is whether or not he try to do quad triples and quad triple triples for a whole season!!?!?

Why not? He's most likely not going to be tiring himself out with difficult moves in the field and choreography :-)

Okay, I was being just a little bit smart with that reply. I'm sure he's capable of doing the 4/3/3 all season. He was landing the 3Sal/3toe/3loop pretty consistently back in the 2003/2004 season! It's the triple Axel that, ever since he has been a senior skater, has either been there or not even close-- he showed that again at this years Worlds.

Has anyone ever done 2 3-3s and a 3-3-3 or 2 3-3s and a 4-3-3?

Well, the only way to do two 3/3 jumps and a 4/3/3 would be if a skater could do a 4toe/3loop/3loop and something like 3lutz/3toe, 3flip/3toe, OR 4toe/3toe/3toe, 3lutz/3loop, 3flip/3loop, etc. So no, I don't think it's ever been done. Evgeny Plushenko probably did 4toe/3toe/3loop and 3axel/3toe before, but then his other combination would have needed to be a 3jump/3loop, which is difficult.

Same thing for 3/3/3 and 3/3 3/3. The latter two jumps on the three-jump combo and the latter jumps on both 3/3 combos would have to be toe, toe, loop, and loop. (ex 3sal/3toe/3loop, 3lutz/3toe, 3flop/3loop).

How do you compare Chan and Kozuka?

Simply, Chan has confidence and Kozuka has yet to find it. Both have gorgeous basics and a great understanding of how the blade works. I don't think Chan is an amazing artist, but he does what he needs to. Kozuka is still just too shy and I doubt he understands how good he really is.

Speaking of the scoring system, the rule changes coming up this year have been dubbed by some to be the "Asada" rules, because most think they will be favorable to Asada in that they will raise the value of a triple axel and other changes of that sort.

This little novel I wrote discusses those issues:

During his time, it seemed that John Curry's style was hard for some people to accept. It seems to me that Johnny Weir faces some of the same biases. What do you think?

I think that Johnny's skating might make some people uncomfortable, but not many... it's FIGURE SKATING! Again, the big issue for him with me (and many others, I think) is that for being thrown in with the top group of skaters, he lacks the choreography that almost all of them have. When he's skating in competitions, most of his programs fall flat and there's no real interpretation or presence-- if there is, there are only flashes of it. He skates relatively slow and doesn't have many difficult transitions.

I answered your question this way because I am guessing that you think part of the reason he is held down in the standings, so to speak, is because of these biases. If he commanded the ice in competitions the way he does in exhibitions, it would be a start.


Anonymous said...

I am curious about how skaters like John Curry and Robin Cousins were received though. It couldn't have been that bad, because they both have OGM. No slight to Johnny Weir, but stylistically, they're everything Johnny Weir has ever been billed as and more.

Meri said...

Kevin van der Perren has actually won two medals at Euros (2007, 2009) and a small medal at Worlds (2008). His skating skills and choreography aren't as good as they could or should be, but I kind of like that he isn't trying to code whore and sticks to his own style.

Anonymous said...

I'm tired of Johnny being billed as this great artist on ice who's forever held down by evil, homophobic judges and technical specialists (yes, they are equally important in scoring). JFC, give it a rest already.

Johnny's programs, artistically and technically, simply haven't kept up with his fellow competitors' programs 2005 onwards. TBH, for years I liked Johnny more so for his persona, and that's where a lot of his new fandom originate from as well. There's nothing wrong with that. But what bothers me is that generally speaking, they don't educate themselves on FS techniques or judging. Instead they tout Johnny as victim of some mass, anti-gay conspiracy for his inability to skate up to his potentials or for his choreographically easy, competitive programs.

However, these newer, ubers hold Johnny to such high esteem that OMG every program he does is the best and every competition he doesn't win he wuz robbed! Really as a long time Johnny fan, it's embarrassing to see such idiocy. Even more sad to see Johnny throw himself so willingly into the D-list, famewhore crowd. That said, I still have a soft spot for him though.

Not getting the John Curry/ Johnny Weir comparison at all. Similar body type maybe? NGL, I'm in my 20s (but longtime FS fan) and have only seen youtube vids of Curry, so I'm judging from that standpoint. Probably the skater closest to Curry in terms of balletic or dancer style now would be Lambiel (but he's retired), especially his Traviata or even Poeta program. It's harder for a skater to do a balletic program now b/c of all the required technical elements and jumps. That's why I wouldn't hold my breath waiting for the next John Curry to come along.

Anonymous said...

Sorry Tony,
but I'm not sure I like how you 'round up' the formspring questions now.
The comments lose the flow and coherency, since they might not relate to each another in order of the postings.
It also makes it that much of a hassle to actually leave a comment, having to identify and pinpoint which question and/or previous post we want to comment on, that many might find it not worth the bother.

I understand the practical aspect of it, but I sure miss the older form .

Anonymous said...

I like the older way, too!

It's really cool to go to my twitter feed on my phone and read them one by one in a row.

Thanks for asking my question! I wonder why more people don't do the loop as a second jump. It seems the Japanese skaters can and some of the young Russians. Anyone else?

K├╝stenpatent, said...

The comments lose the flow and coherency, since they might not relate to each another in order of the postings.
It also makes it that much of a hassle to actually leave a comment, having to identify and pinpoint which question and/or previous post we want to comment on, t