Tuesday, July 13

Grand Prix Watch: Minor Updates


Keauna McLaughlin and Rockne Brubaker of the USA have been crossed out of their events (Skate Canada and Skate America) and have yet to be replaced. The Skate America spot will go to another American pair.

All six events include a TBA host-nation pick.

Ice Dance

Rubleva/Shefer of Russia have replaced the now-retired Zaretiskis at NHK Trophy, the first event of the series. They also compete at the Trophee Eric Bompard in France. The Zaretskis were also assigned to Skate America but have yet to be replaced there.

Sounds like both top Ukrainian dance teams (Zadorozhniuk/Verbillo and Beknazarova/Zuev) have split. It also sounds like Beknazarova and Verbillo had thoughts of competing together but in the end they have all just decided to retire. This leaves open spots at NHK Trophy and Rostelecom Cup.

Aside from Skate Canada, all of the other events include a TBA host-nation pick.


No changes through the mens rosters. To my knowledge, none of the men plan on retiring before the start of the season :-)

We do know now that one of the two open spots at Rostelecom Cup will not go to Evgeny Plushenko.


Same with the men-- no changes. Plenty of TBA host-nation picks, though: one at NHK Trophy, two at Skate Canada, two at Cup of China, one at Skate America, one at Cup of Russia, and two at Trophee Eric Bompard.

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