Wednesday, July 7

Happy 30th, Michelle!

I don't know how it is possible but Michelle Kwan makes me feel old at 23 because I remember being seven years old and watching her 1994 Nationals performances... it most certainly does not seem like it was 16 years ago! Anyways, today she celebrates her 30th birthday and in honor of that I am going to link you to my tribute post I wrote exactly one month ago today, with my favorite performances from her career. Enjoy!

The Six Michelle Kwan Performances You Need To See


Anonymous said...

Happy Birthday to Michelle! Loved your choices favorite Michelle performances.

Anonymous said...

Happy B -Day Michelle-

Before I followed skating outside of the Olympics I only knew her as the girl who was supposed to win Olympic gold twice but didn't. But since I got into figure skating by itself last year I have revisited her peformances at US nats and her Olympic performances and she was GREAT!!!!