Saturday, July 31

Have you read Inman's response on FSU? My jaw literally dropped. Do you think people like him read those threads regularly?

I'm not surprised. He used to write on the board every now and then years ago. I tried to explain that he really didn't do anything wrong, but some people just want to put the drama on someone other than Plushenko for that specific incident. If Evgeny never would have said anything, there would be nothing to talk about or quote!

And yes, I think many skaters keep up with what is being said about them, whether good or bad.

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Anonymous said...

inmans letter was aggressive lobbying against a russian by an american!

mikeko said...

In his post at FSU, Inman said that he only answered to his friends' question about transition. Has he ever explained why he had to send the e-mail message to about 60 people including Patrick Ibens? Sending a message to 60 people sounds more like mass e-mailing marketing to sell a certain idea to me.