Friday, July 30

How much do you anticipate ice dancing changing as a whole due these new changes? Will Davis/White begin to beat Virtue/Moir more?

Well, I don't think anyone will know how the whole short dance will pan out until we actually see the competitions start. I think that both teams are so close, however, that it will all come down to content once again next season. D/W did beat V/M in the free dance at Worlds (even though V/M did have twizzle issues), but the CD + OD being turned into one segment might give D/W the advantage they need to start ending up on top.

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Anonymous said...

I wouldn't be sure about it.As a matter of fact V/M had the lead in the two biggest competitions both on the CD and the OD.
I'm more interested though on how the uplifting rule for the FD will affect both teams if the rule is going to be taken seriously by the judges and technical commitee.