Tuesday, July 20

How realistic do you think Mroz and Carriere's chances are of successful comebacks? Do you think they will be able to challenge Abbott and Rippon?

Mroz, maybe. I think he got it together by the free skate at Four Continents, but of course that was too late. I think he needs better programs this year, or at least programs that don't make him look extremely uncomfortable. There's still something flat about his skating for me.

Carriere.. eh. You can never count him out, either, but I think he's done. I never really got into his skating.

I think that Rippon is going to be the strong force for American skating starting next season. Abbott might have his typical strong showing early in the year and/or at Nationals, but seriously.. look out for Adam.

As far as the third spot (assuming Evan retires), look out for the three Junior Worlds men (Hochstein, Messing, Mahbanoozadeh) to really make their marks. Armin already made the final group for the free skate at last years Nationals but wasn't able to hold it together there or at Junior Worlds. I like Grant the most out of any of them, but he's going to need more difficult content to become a serious threat. Messing, on the other hand, is like an exact Elvis Stojko clone and doesn't have the best basics but seems to be developing very well as a jumper. Ross Miner, if healthy this time around, could also be up there.

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Tonichelle said...

oooo, while I know Messing is a huge fan of Stojko (I can forgive him for that), I get more of a young Scott Hamilton vibe. Granted I've seen him in exhibitions here locally so I think I've seen a different side than someone who might only know him from TV, but he is definitely one of those 'masculine' performers.

Don Laws made comments when he saw him as a junior saying how much he reminded him of Scott (I'm sure his height also helps with the comparrison).

I know, I'm biased, but I think Keegan's got a lot more to offer. The unfortunate thing is, Alaska's skating program leaves a lot to be desired. I give him a ton of credit for sticking it out and staying up here, but his basics are wonky more due to the local training, IMO. Vogel and Wagner had the same issues - IMO - when they skated up here.