Tuesday, July 27

I think PCS simply serves as a placeholder just like the second marks used in the 6.0 system. If this is the case, don't you think it will make things easier to just use an ordinal system for this portion of the scores while keeping the TES as it is?

I always refer to my interview with Olympic judge Patrick Ibens when I get questions like this, but I promise it is for a good reason.


Ibens also discusses how he feels the components have become placeholders, and in the heat of the moment many of the judges don't really have accurate time to really come up with perfect scores for each, so they try to remember which scores they gave for previous skaters and mark the current skater in comparison to that, rather than in comparison to the 10.00 that it should be. Is that how this system is supposed to be used? Obviously not. Some judges might say that remembering scores from earlier skaters is their way of trying to play "fair" in the components, but it could also be a way to try to cheat the system and make sure that certain skaters receive components high or low enough (at least on their own scorecards) to put the skater in question above or below someone else.

I think that the only way any of this is truly going to be solved is if there is a separate panel scoring the elements/GOE and the components.

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highaims said...

I've always thought that too much was being asked from the Judges Panel. They are forced to multi-task (grading the GOEs AND the PCSs)to the extreme just within those few minutes of real-time observance. How accurate can they ever be, given the circumstances ??

I agree on having 3 separate panels;
The Technical Panel as is for calling the elements,
the Judges Panel as is for grading the quality (GOE)
the PC Panel to concentrate wholly on the 5 components, in strict adherance to the judging system rules and NOT on relative comparisons of the skaters.

Might not be realistic, budget-wise and the required no. of personel-wise, but still....