Tuesday, July 20

Is it just me or does Morozov seem like he's trying to make Javier Fernandez into Joubert 2.0?

Or was he trying to make Joubert into Yagudin 2.0? I liked Nikolai and his ideas when he wasn't used by every other skater, but I think he got very repetitive a long, long time ago-- hence the similarities, I'd guess.

The funny thing is that I think Fernandez's "Pirates of the Caribbean" free skate is one of the better programs Morozov has done in a while, even if it is still kinda empty besides the drunken footwork. It might help that Javier obviously enjoys the program, and he is a great performer.

Skaters that don't really have personalities usually have disastrous programs with Nikolai. I always use poor Takeshi Honda as the example. The difference between his 2002 "Concierto de Aranjuez" and 2003 "Riverdance" is sickening. He went from having a masterpiece of a free skate to a miserable program that he never seemed to get comfortable with (even if he did pull off three quads once with it).

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