Tuesday, July 27

Multi errors affects performance and somewhere PCS should reflect this. I.e look at Kim getting way higher PCS than Asada @ worlds. Yes Kim had more chor/trans. But Asada's performance way better. Surely the system should balance it out more.

I understand what you are getting at, and that problem would be in the fact that all five of the components in singles and pairs skating (Skating Skills, Transitions, Performance/Execution, Choreography, Interpretation) are scored at the same factor. In ice dance, the factors towards which each component counts differ slightly between programs.

I guess you would like something like this for the ladies (where the factor right now is 0.80 for all in the SP and 1.60 for all in the LP):
SP: SS 1.00; TR 1.00; PE 0.80; CH 0.60; IN 0.60
LP: SS 1.20; TR 1.20; PE 1.60; CH 2.00; IN 2.00

Something along those lines would result in much more of a technical (short program focusing on skating skills and transitions) vs. artistic program (long program focusing on choreography and interpretation), and I'm not quite sure how it would work out.

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Anonymous said...

I wish that they would have a more clear way of penalizing a skater who doesn't commit to their choreo. Like, shouldn't it matter if the choreo isn't done well? I think a lot of skaters tend to just phone through and barely complete their choreo/tr after they make mistakes and aren't penalized accordingly.

Anonymous said...

Well Asada is the one who benefited the most from this, so she can't really complain about it. I saw many times during the last few seasons when judges just dragged her onto the podium because she is Mao Asada unless she really really screwed up (COR last year). Even in COR last year Asada got highest PCS.

Anonymous said...

there you go complaining again...i agree with anonymous 4:43pm..