Thursday, July 15

Not surprised that Jeremy is struggling with a Latin program. It seems to me that in order to pull something like that off. There needs to be a strong/take charge attitude. Not things Jeremy is best at. It does fit Joubert better :lol:

Jeremy just needs confidence. But you know, things work in strange ways sometimes and maybe him needing to really think about the choreography of the program will put less stress on the jumps. It might actually work out just fine as long as he can pull the feeling of the program off :-)

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Anonymous said...

Joubert might do better w/ his Flamenco because Antonio says his choreo for Joubert is more straightforward and simple than Jeremy's program. Poor Jeremy got stuck w/ a harder program choreographically b/c Antonio implies Jeremy can do harder choreo than Brian, whereas Brian not as good at choreo/ fluid movements as Jeremy.

I think for someone to pull off Flamenco, one has to possess a strong sensuous/ soulful side to his personality or otherwise it wouldn't work. Spanish dances like Flamenco or Tango are all about bringing this expression out to the forefront. You can't dance it in a half-hearted manner b/c the music & choreo will expose you as a poser if you do.