Thursday, July 15

Reports are Mishin has other young girls with that jump in practice. Mishin knows how to teach jumps (and I think fairly safely too). But I wonder about girls who will want to compete with his coming group. Who don't have coaches as knowledgable.

The only thing I can think of is that Mishin doesn't really have any ladies skaters of the past (or at least the past 20 years or so) that have had spectacular results. He worked with Butyrskaya when she was first coming on the scene but I'm pretty sure he was her coach during her 1993 World meltdown that made Russia miss entering the 1994 Olympics, and also Rachkova who came and went basically after 1992. He also worked with Sokolova for a few years and she had that gloomy Masquerade Waltz free skate under his direction. She went back to Kudriatsev and still wasn't very consistent, but at least had a World silver medal to show for her efforts.

I guess what I am getting to is that there might be other skaters outside of Mishin's group that have much more to offer as far as the component scores (in particular choreography). and I don't think he has shown yet that any of his ladies are particularly consistent. We shall see. I still really respect what he is able to do. You know he's not out there showing the skaters how to do triple Axels and quad toes himself, but they are still able to do them!

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