Friday, July 2

Romain Gazave New CD

My friend Romain Gazave has just released a new CD with twelve piano arrangements of classics from the likes of Amelie, Cinema Paradiso, The Truman Show, and many others-- including two live performances. Gazave is a former figure skater that has worked with many European skaters and skating shows. Here is his press release, as well as a link to listen to clips of each song and purchase the album!

Romain Gazave started playing piano and ice-skating at the age of 6. Putting music aside for a while in order to pursue a competitive ice skating career (France junior National vice-Champion, Medallist in International competition), he finally decided to stop competing in order to devote himself entirely to music. He then studied at the prestigious Ecole Normale de Musique “Cortot School” in Paris and intense advanced piano technique with the well know Master “Jean Fassina” for 4 years.
Later on, he started skating again as a professional this time by presenting a unique Special Act combining Piano and Skating in the same number! He also played live piano in some shows for skating champions such as: Albena Denkova & Maxim Stavisky, Sarah Meier, Brian Orser, Tatiana Totmianina & Maxim Marinin… and did some duo numbers with well known singers and artists from Cirque du Soleil…
After being part of many famous shows: Stars On Ice, Art On Ice, and Champions On Ice… Romain just released a CD Album that includes most of the piano songs he played “live” as well as some personal piano arrangements and 2 bonus tracks with a singer who used to be an international competitive skater as well.
“Personal Thoughts” is now available and can be ordered on his official website (which includes some tracks extract to be listened). Here is the link of it:

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