Tuesday, July 13

Skate for the Heart and Other 2010/2011 Shows

The webmaster at kurtfiles.com has updated her website with rosters for some of the 2010/2011 Disson Skating Shows. Among them is the Skate for the Heart event, held in Youngstown, Ohio. The current roster includes Jeremy Abbott, Ryan Bradley, Johnny Weir, Joannie Rochette, Sasha Cohen, Rachael Flatt, Belbin/Agosto, Davis/White, and Denney/Barrett--- hello great cast! While I (thought that I?) don't really care for exhibition skating, Youngstown is a relatively short drive away. October 10, here I come. :-)


Tonichelle said...

So happy to read that Ryan Bradley is gonna be on my TV set this fall after all!

Anonymous said...

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